Meet Our 2012 – 2013 Scholarship Winners

Frank J. Blau, Jr. honorary scholarship – $6,000

Awarded to: Sarah Masters

This scholarship is permanently funded by the foundation and offered each year.  It is based on merit and open to all students applying for the Management Scholarship.

Frank Blau is a retired plumbing contractor from Milwaukee, WI who owned a hugely successful business called Blau Plumbing.  Frank spent even more of his career traveling the country dedicating his time to teaching contractors how to determine the correct selling price, embrace the concept of flat rate pricing, raise the bar in our industries to the professional levels they so deserve and to earn a successful living while protecting the health, safety and welfare of our nation.  Frank was the original founding father of today’s Nexstar Network organization in 1992 and has transformed literally thousands of contractors’ lives, and that of their families, with his teachings.  He continues today to mentor contractors all over the world, who are willing to learn and “take the medicine.”

George Brazil honorary scholarship – $5000

Awarded to: Cody Cannon

George Brazil started as a plumbing contractor on the West Coast and built one of the largest franchise operations in the plumbing industry, George Brazil Services, which continues in operation today.  George was an early forerunner of advanced technician training, flat rate pricing, standardized trucks and procedures, and guerilla marketing.  He was also an original founder of C2000 with Frank Blau, which later became Nexstar Network.  George operated a plumbing, hvac and electrical company in Phoenix, AZ. George passed away at the age of 84 on May 16, 2012.

Barnett honorary scholarship – $5000

Awarded to: Benjamin Wineinger

This scholarship is offered for the 2012 year only. It is based on merit and open to all students applying for the Technician Scholarship.
Barnett is a proud Nexstar Strategic Partner and industry-ranked as one of the nation’s leading distributors of over 40,000 Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC products. For over 50 years, Barnett has been committed to serving the professional contractor. In addition to our vast products, we offer business solutions to help maximize profit potential by reducing inventory costs, decreasing inventory shrinkage, and realize savings through product standardization & vendor consolidation.

Jill Pomroy Reed Women in Business honorary scholarship – $2,000

Awarded to: Colleen Koenig

This scholarship is funded by a memorial fund and available only to women who are planning a career in marketing in the plumbing, HVAC or electrical industries.
Jill Reed had a favorite saying: “You have to know what works.” As a successful marketer for many Nexstar plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical contractors, she lived that out. She helped her clients find what worked, what brought in business, and what delivered a profit.

Jill was born on May 16, 1969. She graduated from Elizabethtown College with a degree in Business Administration/Marketing, and minors in Visual Arts and Communications. She worked at various marketing and communications-based organizations until 1997, at which point she founded RedClick Marketing, a marketing agency and call center.

Jill took great pride in RedClick Marketing. She encouraged her clients to leverage the power of their brand, to engage in coordinated marketing campaigns, and to harness the power of the Web. She tracked marketing results carefully in order to maximize the return on her clients’ investment in marketing.

Jill passed away from cancer on September 4, 2011. She left behind her the legacy of a positive spirit: she invariably spoke well of everyone she knew, saw the opportunity within every challenge, and demonstrated how to live life well.

John MacGregor honorary scholarships

Devon Castro – $2000

Andrew Ballantyne – $1500

Travis Callahan – $1000

Andrew Genevro – $1000

Victoria Weems – $1000

This scholarship is funded by a memorial fund and is open to students applying for the Technician Scholarship.

John MacGregor was a union-trained Master Plumber from Detroit who moved to rural northern Michigan and started a plumbing company in 1962, so he could enjoy the beauty and sports the area had to offer.  He went on to build a 3.5 million+ company performing plumbing, HVAC and electrical construction and services, which is now celebrating its 50th year in operation.  John was a huge proponent of young adults entering the trades, as well as a supporter of kids with learning disabilities like dyslexia who needed a voice to receive proper training.  John passed away in 2009, still owning and working in his business at the age of 74, which he considered to be his “hobby”.

Nexstar Legacy Foundation Management Scholarships

Logan Messmer – $2000

Graham Thurber – $1000

Tim McGuire – $1000

Stephanie Stephens – $1000

Nexstar Legacy Foundation Technician Scholarships

Scott Steier – $3000

Rylan Easter – $1000

Evan Dukart – $1000

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