Program History

Program History

Keith Mercurio, Nexstar’s Sales Trainer, is spearheading the Nexstar Legacy Foundation’s Veterans’ Professional Training Program. Here’s Keith’s story:

I have long held members of the U.S. Military in the highest regard. My admiration was further elevated when my two best friends joined the Marine Corps. Remarkably, Brendan and Nate, qualified for Force Recon and served in the same unit in Afghanistan.

Dan Beucke writing on Veterans Day in the Bloomberg Businessweek said, “It’s sobering to realize just how badly the job market has turned against the men and women who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their rate of unemployment was 12.1 percent in October, vs. 9 percent for the U.S. overall.” He also points out that lack of education is one of the major reasons why they struggle.

“The men and women who’ve seen combat in Afghanistan and Iraq are among the most disciplined, hard-working, respectful and physically fit people in this country. Yet their service has excluded them from getting the education and training they need in order to get the very jobs in which they can be extremely successful. I am partnering with the Nexstar Legacy Foundation to help this nation’s veterans achieve their dreams.”

Please help me by giving generously to this extraordinarily important and patriotic endeavor.


Thank you to everyone who helped to make the Troops To Trades Dinner Celebration an enormous success and one of the biggest events in  Nexstar Legacy Foundation History!

 Keith Mercurio honors the veterans in the room at the 2013 Nexstar Super Meeting.