The Legacy Giving Society


What is the Legacy Giving Society?

Individuals who make an enduring commitment to the industry by remembering the Nexstar Legacy Foundation through a will, trust, life insurance designation or another type of gift plan supporting the Foundation’s Mission in the future will become part of the Legacy Giving Society.

Why create a Legacy Gift Plan to support the future of the Foundation?

Making a gift in your will, trust, retirement plan, or insurance policy can help you balance  your financial objectives with your charitable interests. It may also help you achieve significant tax benefits. By including the Foundation in your future giving plans, you help strengthen and grow the industry you believe in.







Your Legacy Gift Plan qualifies you to be part of the Legacy Giving Society

Every person who notifies the Foundation about a Legacy Gift, whether intended or received, will be enrolled in the Legacy Giving Society. By joining this special group of far-sighted supporters. you will make a difference to the future of the industry.Your gift is very important to us and we’d like to thank you by recognizing you in publications, on the website and with a personalized certificate and gift from the Foundation. Society members’ named will also be honored during foundation events. When you step forward, others are encouraged to do the same, though you may choose to remain anonymous. If you wish to remain anonymous, your name will be kept private and we will not include it in announcements of society members.

How do I create a Legacy Gift Plan?

To become a part of the Foundation’s Legacy Giving Society, simply include the Foundation in your will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy or financial accounts and then notify us of the gift. This can be as easy as adding a sentence to your existing documents.

What if I prefer to remain anonymous?

If you wish to keep your name private we will make sure it is not included in announcement of Society members.

Preferred Language you can use when making a Legacy Gift

Although your financial or legal adivsors will be able to help you best craft the right language for your Legacy Gift Plan, we have provided the following language you can use:”I hereby give (the sum of $___) or (___% of my estate/trust) to the Nexstar Legacy Foundation, Inc. 125 Little Canada Road West, Suite 200, Little Canada, Minnesota 55117-1446.

Please let us know about your Legacy Gift Plan

Notification is an important part of the process so we can talk to you about your Legacy Gift Plan and ensure we understand and meet your intentions. Simply give us a call to let us know your intention. We would also welcome a copy of the legal document that accompanies your gift. This can make estate administration easier when your gift is received.

We Look Forward To Hearing From You



You are always welcome to call us to discuss your planning options. Please contact us at 651-789-8518 if you have any questions or would like to discuss which type of Legacy Gift might be the best fit for your personal goals. You should also consult your own personal financial or legal advisors when finalizing your plan.

The Nexstar Legacy Foundation is a Wisconsin nonprofit corporation

exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.