Jill Reed Women In Trades Scholarship


This scholarship is funded by a memorial fund and available only to women who are planning a career in the plumbing, HVAC or electrical industries, especially, but not limited to, marketing careers in this industry.

Jill Reed had a favorite saying: “You have to know what works.” As a successful marketer for many Nexstar home service providers, Jill was born on May 16, 1969. She graduated from Elizabethtown College with a degree in Business Administration/Marketing, and minors in Visual Arts and Communications. She worked at various marketing and communications-based organizations until 1997, at which point she founded RedClick Marketing, a marketing agency and call center for heating, cooling, and electrical contractors. At RedClick, Jill helped her clients find what worked, what brought in business, and what delivered a profit.

Jill took great pride in RedClick Marketing. She encouraged her clients to leverage the power of their brand, to engage in coordinated marketing campaigns, and to harness the power of the Web. She tracked marketing results carefully in order to maximize the return on her clients’ investment in marketing.

Jill passed away from cancer on September 4, 2011. She left behind her the legacy of a positive spirit: she invariably spoke well of everyone she knew, saw the opportunity within every challenge, and demonstrated how to live life well.

Special thanks goes to Marty and Carol Donnelly, the founders of this scholarship, and Bruce and Marlene Solomon for their support of this scholarship program.