Hire a Veteran

Interested in hiring or recruiting veterans? Check out the resources we have listed below, or download our workbook!

Not sure yet? Read  the top ten reasons to hire veterans below.

HirePatriots.org: How to Hire

Hiring our Heroes Events

Resources for Recruiting Veterans

Hiring Veterans Toolkit

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

A Guide To Recruiting Military Veterans

Download the Adobe pdf format here.

A Guide To Recruiting Military Veterans













Top ten reasons to hire veterans and wounded warriors:

1. Ability to learn new skills and concepts.

2. Strong leadership qualities.

3. Flexibility to work strongly in teams or work independently.

4. Diversity and strong interpersonal skills.

5. Ability to work efficiently and diligently in a fast-paced environment.

6. Respect for procedures and accountability.

7. Hands on experience with technology and globalization.

8. Strong personal integrity.

9. Strong sense of health, safety and property standards.

10. Triumph over adversity.

(Source: America’s Heroes at Work)