Frank J. Blau, Jr. Scholarship, $7,000

Frank Blau Portrait-Color


This scholarship is permanently funded by the foundation and offered each year.  It is based on merit and open to all students applying for the Management Scholarship.

Frank Blau is a retired plumbing contractor from Milwaukee, WI who owned a hugely successful business called Blau Plumbing.  Frank spent even more of his career traveling the country dedicating his time to teaching contractors how to determine the correct selling price, embrace the concept of flat rate pricing, raise the bar in our industries to the professional levels they so deserve and to earn a successful living while protecting the health, safety and welfare of our nation.  Frank was the original founding father of today’s Nexstar Network organization in 1992 and has transformed literally thousands of contractors’ lives, and that of their families, with his teachings.  He continues today to mentor contractors all over the world, who are willing to learn and “take the medicine.”