2011 Donations in Honor of NLF Founder and Visionary Greg Niemi

Greg’s vision was instrumental in shaping the Nexstar Legacy Foundation and bringing it to where it is today! Greg has helped the foundation to accomplish many things since its inception:

  • He created a vision and a charter that establishedthe foundation in 2005.
  • Raised more than $85,000 in charter donations to
    start the foundation.
  • Created the successful raffles, events and auctions that helped bring a base of support to the foundation.
  • Given more than $100,000 to students in the trades.
  • And in 2011, helped to expand the foundation’s mission – details to come!

We wish Greg well as he starts on his new journey!

Greg Niemi: Why I Support The Foundation

I support the foundation because it is an investment in the future of our wonderful industry. The Nexstar Legacy Foundation has a great purpose — to attract and develop talent for our industry. Today, as best said by John Ward, we do this by giving the gift of education via scholarships. And in the future, there is so much more the foundation will be able to do, and desires to do, as the foundation’s purpose and resources expand.

Be -> Do -> Have -> Give. Giving perpetuates the future. Today we build a foundation that will leave a legacy far into our future.

Thank you to all who support the Nexstar Legacy Foundation.

Greg Niemi

Join These People Who’ve Contributed In Greg’s Honor –
As Of 11/10/2011 We Have Raised $14,322

“Thank you Greg for being a great mentor!  All the best and hope to see you soon.” Roberto Luongo

“A humble, class act guy who has done so many good things for those who need it, thanks Greg!” Ann and Jim Hunt

“Greg, I’m glad to be able to contribute to such a good cause. Thank you for your kind efforts.” Paul and Jeannie Flaherty

“All of us at TR Computer Sales agree that working with Greg through the years has been a delight.  He has been so kind to us and welcoming our service.  Everyone could use more customers like Greg.  We are also thankful for what he does for the foundation and glad that he has reached out to us so that we could participate.” John Redpath – TR Computer Sales

“We are proud to donate to and be a part of a foundation that is concerned with the education and future of our youth. Thank you, Greg, for your vision and dedication.” Ron and Roxana Strauss – WHAM! Advertising

“Congratulations Greg on your retirement, but most importantly on your accomplishments.  It is an honor to be called your friend.” Shannon Reilly

“This donation is in honor of Greg Niemi and his major role in the the Legacy Foundation’s success.” John Edson – BPK&Z

“Here’s to your impressive career, and to your new laid back life.  Enjoy your retirement, after all, you’ve worked hard for it!!!” Gary Niemi

“He is a wonderful – nice person, and I would like to make a small gift to the Legacy Foundation in his honor.” John and Lori Suzukida

“To a people oriented visionary who implemented that vision to bring Nexstar to the next level, prepared for levels beyond.” Sandy and Karen Swartzberg

“Congratulations Greg! I’m looking forward to seeing what paths your positive energy leads you down in the years ahead. Live well.” Maryanne O’Brien

Jimmy Shafer

Marty and Carol Donnelly

John and Cathie Ward

Jack Sell

Marla and Phil Coffin

Mark and Julie Schnell

Richard and Sue Pickern

Allen Hicks

Steven D’Tullio and Jascha Walter – DeWitt Ross & Stevens

Richard and Dianne Moyle

Daniel Kutzke

Clarence and Donna Rode

Jim and Mary Miles

Rich Ramsay and Margie Horning

Harshaw Trane Foundation

Jack and Barb Tester

Bill and Susie Raymond