Tributes – Give a Gift In Honor of Someone You Think is Special and We Will Recognize Your Gift on This Page

Michael Pann donated a gift in honor of his daughter, Paula Ferrari.

Michael stated: “Giving back to our youth is an obligation that we all owe.

I was fortunate to discover Nexstar (then called Contractors 2000) which changed my life. Joining Nexstar improved our business as well as made me a better father/person allowing life to be so much more enjoyable.

Thanks to my daughter, Paula, and her staff for giving me the time to spend with my younger son and daughter while they still want to hang around their dad.”

John Ward Honored

Arnie Shaw donated $500 in honor of John Ward in December 2010. Arnie commented:

The Nexstar Legacy Foundation is John Ward’s legacy. The best way for me to thank John for all that he has done for me and my company is to make a contribution to the Nexstar Legacy Foundation in his honor.

John Ward personifies the slogan “Success through Education and Sharing.” John is the most generous person that I know of when it comes to sharing with other Nexstar members.

John Ward is a founder of the foundation and was the foundation’s first president from 2005-2010.

On August 5, 2009, The Nexstar Network donated $500 to the Nexstar Legacy Foundation in memory of John MacGregor.

macgregorJohn MacGregor, founder of MacGregor Plumbing, & Heating of Harbor Springs, Michigan passed away on Thursday, July 23, 2009.

The 74–year–old was well known around Nexstar circles as man of vision, compassion and insightful thinking.

In 1962, John, drawn by his passion for skiing, moved from Detroit to the resort community of Harbor Springs where he started a plumbing shop. In January, 1993 John joined Nexstar, only a few months after the organization started. His daughter, Julie Wieman, co–owned and managed the company with John. He was an active leader in many community improvement groups.

John is survived by his wife, Joy. The family recommends memorial donations be made to the Northern Michigan Dyslexia Center of which John was a founding member.