AO Smith Scholarship

Thank you to AO Smith’s Partnership

with the Foundation.

As a Master Level Partner, AO Smith has

supported the foundation in two ways:

Donor Named Scholarship Program

Nathan Hilbrecht

AO Smith gifted a $5,000 Scholarship received by Nathan Hilbrecht.



$1.00 for every water heater purchase by Nexstar Members

When you purchase a AO Smith water heater, they donate $1.00 per heater.

Thank you to AO Smith!  Their donation helps the foundation complete it’s mission of recruiting the next generation of technicians into the industry.

How You Can Help!

If you already work with AO Smith, keep buying.

If you don’t, check to see if switching your purchases to AO Smith can benefit your business.

Contact Susan Tigner or Janet Wopinski with questions about the Rebate program at 651-789-8500.