Strategic Direction


The foundation holds regular strategic planning sessions to set goals and guide the foundation’s vision.


Nexstar Legacy Foundation, Goals 2014-2016

1.  Maintain a diverse funding stream through a fundraising plan that will raise adequate revenue to cover annual operating and program costs.

2.  Through unified marketing messaging, guide the public perception of the heating and cooling, electrical and plumbing home and commercial service industry, distinguishing its career benefits.

3.  Increase the number of qualified service industry technicians and support personnel entering plumbing, heating and cooling and electrical businesses annually by 100.

4.  Build collaborations with 5 other industry organizations, schools, and/or organizations that bring connections to potential industry recruits in order to increase the number of people finding careers in the industry.

5.  Maintain a strong, well-managed and growing scholarship program that will increase the number of and skill of individuals who are planning to or have careers in the plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical fields, provide referral resources to industry jobs, and track results.Legacy_Logo_Black