Attend or Sponsor an Event


Support the Nexstar Legacy Foundation by attending or sponsoring an event.

Why attend one of our events?

  • Get an exclusive opportunity to meet with other Nexstar members.
  • Enjoy a one-time-only event, showcasing a hidden gem or special venue
  • Support the Nexstar Legacy Foundation and all of its programs.

Why sponsor one of our events?

  • Create visibility for your business
    • · Increase sales from existing customers
    • · Exclusive access to new potential customers
    • · Increased exposure of your brand
  • Receive recognition at the event, and on the Nexstar Legacy Foundation website

Sponsorship Levels:

  • Bronze Level: $600
    • 2 registrations for sponsored event
  • Silver Level: $1200
    • 3 registrations for sponsored event
  • Gold Level: $2500
    • 4 registrations for sponsored event
  • Platinum Level: $5000
    • 6 registrations for sponsored event

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