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The Mission of the Nexstar Legacy Foundation is to recruit More Quality Technicians to the Industry!

“Every now and then you come across an organization comprised of very special professionals that have the insight and wisdom to help people because they know and feel it is the right thing to do. Built on goodwill toward young men and women starting out in their field of expertise, these pioneers started, built and continue to manage a foundation that’s very existence is driven by giving back to an industry that has, through their own efforts, been so good to them. This foundation is called the Nexstar Legacy Foundation. Focusing on the future, building and supporting the leaders of our industry for years to come. The Legacy Foundation is one of a kind because it was built by contractors to better educate young mechanical professionals. Paving the way for a better work environment for thousands of new people who may not otherwise have had these future opportunities.”

Martin Masters Plumbing, Heating &Air Conditioning Inc.


Three Programs:

·  Troops to Trades

·  Scholarships

·  Explore the Trades


Troops To Trades

The Nexstar Legacy Foundation has launched a new program to help military veterans enter the service industry.  Our 2013 goal is to bring technical and/or service skills training to 40 veterans and help them find jobs in the industry. There are two scholarships now available:  Troops to Trades Professional Scholarships for veterans interested in attending a Service System, HVAC or Sewer Sales or CSR/DSR Training.  Also, Build-a-Tech training scholarships for veterans interested in learning a technical trade.  All scholarship cover costs of training, travel and food and lodging.

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In addition to scholarships, the foundation is working with over 500 businesses in the industry to help connect veterans who need jobs with open positions.  Businesses who are interested in connecting with veterans can attend job fairs, post positions on veteran job sites and more.  Click here to learn more.
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Each year we offer up to 20 scholarships to students who are training to work in a business that provides home or commercial plumbing, heating/cooling or electrical services.  This includes people pursuing management level positions in a business through the Management Scholarship application, as well as
people pursuing technical training to work as installers and service

providers, through the Technical School Scholarship application.  Started in 2006, the foundation scholarship program has already granted $150,000 to students in this field. The online application individuals pursuing a technical career is open until July 19th.  Click here to learn more. 

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Explore The Trades

There is a shortage of qualified technicians in the plumbing, HVACR and electrical service industries. The Nexstar Legacy Foundation seeks to actively drive students into this field through education of students, businesses and schools.  We will accomplish this through advocacy, education, and outreach to potential employees.
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If you are a business owner, click here to visit our business resource page.


A Message From One Of The Founders

The Nexstar Legacy Foundation started as a dream to provide a channel for people in the home service industry to give back to their community. Businesses in the plumbing, HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration) and electrical industries provided funding to start the foundation in 2005. The foundation immediately began to serve the community through its scholarship program, designed to attract talent to these industries. In addition, the foundation continues to focus on fund raising through events and other activities in order to expand its services to the community. “THERE IS NO RICHER EMOTION I know than the sense of contribution. The feeling that who you are as a person, how you have lived your life, what you have said and what you have done, has touched others in a deep and meaningful way, is an ultimate gift of life.


JOHN WARD Nexstar Legacy Founder